Set de pedales SIMTRECS ProPedal GT-V2

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JD Dibble
MAN THESE PEDALS ARE wonderful unbelievable

Well I had set of the Meca pedals. They felt really good. Then on a a whim I decided to try these pedals out. What a difference the ease of the software the ease of getting everything set up was A JOY. Driving Experience is outstanding I was in shock to have what felt like a real connection and feeling under my feet. The brakes are MONEY!! I change the the tilt of the brake to fit my ankles orientation and after that everything was great. Also, the ease of turn the knob to change the threshold is unreal. I had no Emi issues at all. All of the load cell are housed inside the throttle pedal.

I had my doubts about these pedals B. C. I seen them before, but I didn't pay them any attention till the gentleman at the shop told me about them and I decided to go ahead and give them a try and was he right! Wonderful PEDALS, Wonderful customer service and a Wonderful shop.

Outstanding pedals.

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